Current SDSU ARC Class

Master Walker teaches an eclectic class consisting of hard and soft style martial arts. His emphasis is on the striking art of Korean Karate/Tae Kwon Do and mixes in some techniques from multiple other arts.

Marcellus m. Walker has 30 years of martial arts experience with varying degrees of expertise in multiple styles. He began his exploration of martial arts as a teenager studying Shotokan Karate in 1980, and from there he went on to study Kenpo, Kickboxing, Goju-Ryu, Tai Chi Chuan, Tae Kwon Do, Hop Ki Do, Judo, Capoeira, and Aikido.

Mr. Walker considers Tae Kwon Do to be his primary style. He began his Tae Kwon Do training in Santa Cruz, CA at Song’s Martial Arts Institute in 1990. He developed his love for this style under the tutelage of Grandmaster Soonho Song and several of the exceptional black belt instructors at the Institute. Mr. Walker spent several years competing in Olympic style sparring tournaments sanctioned by the United States Tae Kwon Do Association in the early 1990’s. Shortly after moving to San Diego, he began studying Tae Kwon Do under Grandmaster Suk Chung Kang where he earned his 4th degree black belt.

In 2000, Mr. Walker co-founded the martial arts program at San Diego City College with Professor Jim Colbert. The program has been very successful and continues to develop under Jim’s expertise. Mr. Walker also taught for Kang’s Tae Kwon Do Association until Grandmaster Kang retired in 2006. Today, Mr. Walker’s teaching style focuses on individual development of the physical, mental and spiritual body, and the practical application of martial art techniques for self-defense.

Mr. Walker holds a 5th degree black belt from the Chung Do Kwan Martial Arts School.